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since 10/2023


75 minutes immersive adventure

Your employer sends you as a train driver to a training course at the “Remscheid-Süd” train station. There you will get to know the new S-Bahn electric unit “Series 490” and be trained in its operation and control.

But an unexpected event interrupts your driving lesson and you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Can you escape the train station together?


4-10 players


33,- € per person

(incl. taxes)


60 Minutes Escape Room


60 minutes escape room

We are located in Remscheid, the hotspot of the German tool industry.

Our client is a local tool manufacturer who had a prototype of a tool stolen from their development department. It is suspected that the competition, the USA Tools Company, is responsible and is keeping the prototype under wraps.

We sneak you into the company disguised as cleaning staff, exactly one hour before the start of the next shift. Your task is to locate the prototype, secure it and leave the site as quickly as possible.

But hurry up! The next shift starts in 60 minutes.


2-6 players


29,- € per person

(incl. taxes)

Our Guests

The Facts

exciting story

... and an exciting atmosphere with a local connection to the town  and a lot of attention to detail. The boundaries between reality and escape games are blurring.

sophisticated technology

Tricky and challenging puzzles will make you sweat. Will you manage to solve everything in time?

Safety First

Our gamemasters are always at your side and you are never really locked in. This means we guarantee a high level of security.

Give away an exciting adventure

With a voucher for unforgettable adventures and real teamwork, you can't go wrong.

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